8 flying experiences

8 flying experiences


   8 flying experiences


  • Complex Aircraft

        123   It’s a great experience u should probably try it out with a flight instructor. But please do not forget to lower the landing gear!

  • Seaplanes1234

We love airports for sure but sometimes its fun to land somewhere less crowded. Are u ready for a beach trip ?

  • Mountain Flying12345

It’s beautiful as it’s challenging. Make sure you are experienced before a flight into and over mountains. Please don’t forget to enjoy the views.

  • Class B Airport123456

Are you radio skilled for Class B airport? Flying a small light aircraft into dozens of commercial airlines isn’t easy, but it makes u feel like the captain of your aircraft.

  • Aerobatic Flying1234567

Leveled and stable flights are great but seeing the world upside down is unforgettable.


  • Gliding12345678

Gliding isn’t only peaceful and quite but it also teaches you some excellent flying skills. You will learn how to use thermals and currents to your advantage.

  • Tail wheel Aircraft123456789

Many of newly minted pilots have never trained on tail wheel aircraft. Not only they are fun but they will surely improve your rudder and overall aircraft handling skills.  


  • Oxygen Use1234567890

You will be getting pretty close to the flight levels if you’re using oxygen. A pilot who wants to fly where the air is thin must require oxygen.

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