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Swechchha Poudel – Cabin Crew at Air Asia –

Swechchha Poudel

–   cabin crew at Air Asia –


“I like to explore different places and help the crew make all flights more safe and comfortable. I am very proud that I am a cabin crew and it is the best thing I have ever achieved in my life.”

Swechchha Poudel is currently serving the travelers in the sky as a cabin crew at Air Asia. She was a familiar face for passengers of Yeti Airlines for a couple of years before being appointed at Air Asia in 2013. “Being a cabin crew is the best thing that has happened to me. It is a well respected job and you get to sail the skies and feel the freedom that only a bird would know of.”

Swechchha Poudel, 22 is a resident of Pepsicola, Kathmandu. Born in Dharan, she completed her high school studies from Vijaypur Higher Secondary School, Dharan. She is in the process of completing her Bachelor’s degree from Mega College. She travelled to Kathmandu after completing her high school to complete a dream she and before that her mother had seen. “One of my friends informed me about Air Hostess Training Institute (AHTI), New Baneshwor and thus I got enrolled and completed 3 months of basic airhostess training”, she added.

“My mom has always been supportive of my dreams and has been my inspiration all along. The dream of being a cabin crew was a dream my mother first saw. She was not able to accomplish her dream but she is so proud seeing her daughter flying the skies. My parents are proud of my achievement and are a source of perpetual support for all my decisions. I find it a bit funny as well as great that my success has lead to my cousins wanting to become an air hostess”, she said.

“It was my mom who supported me all along and it was she who told me to participate in Miss Purwanchal, which I did and won the Most Popular award being one of the top 5 contestants. I worked as a RJ at Dantakali FM and as a VJ for Makalu Television. I then travelled to Kathmandu to fulfill my dreams and got enrolled in AHTI. Alongside the training, I also was involved in Gopikrishna TV as a VJ”, the 5ft 6 inch beauty added.

“I have been in the aviation sector for about 4 years now, a couple of which was at Yeti Airlines. It was the best time of my life when I got my appointment letter and that too at the age of 18. All that I had dreamt about was flying and that had come true and I couldn’t wait to don the uniform and get on duty. Yeti Airlines was my first step in the aviation sector and was a great one at that. I learned a lot from my days at the company and am filled with nothing but gratitude and respect for everyone there. It was when the job at Air Asia came about that I left Yeti Airlines”, she added. She was appointed at Air Asia on 2013 and has been flying the international skies with them since.

Upon being asked about her first flight experience she recalled,” It was a memory worth treasuring but a day worth forgetting. I was on board ready to have my first flight which was a mountain flight. I was super excited about my first flight. It was then that we heard about the crash of Sita Air Dornier 9N AHA-D228 near Manohara river. The airport was closed for a few hours and upon its opening we took off for our flight.”

She added,” To be a successful cabin crew you first should be able to respect others as well as yourself. The ability to tackle different situations that may arise during flight and good communication skills are also a must have. You should be smart, helpful and feel the responsibility to maintain a good environment in the cabin. I also want to add that getting a job in this sector is hard but do not lose hope and give up on your dreams. Cultivate a feeling that you can succeed and you will. If you have dreamt of being a cabin crew and have different ideas of what it is going to be like, trust me it will be better.”

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“Aviation sector in Nepal is a sector with a lot of challenges as well as one that needs a rapid development. So anyone who loves aviation and wants to be a part of it should give it their all and achieve what they have always dreamt of. Keep up your love for aviation and contribute your utmost to take it to greater heights.”


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