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Sonam Shahi- Served as the Chief of Cabin Crew Sita Air –

Sonam Shahi

– Served as the Chief of Cabin Crew at Sita Air –


“The mesmerizing mountainous view of our country made me feel really lucky to be a part of the aviation sector of our country. Each day at the job has brought me something to learn from and this has helped my progress in aviation.”

Sonam Shahi is currently serving as a Customer Services Agent (CSA) at Qatar Airways. She has also worked at Sita Air for a couple of years among which she served as the chief of cabin crew for a few months.

Sonam Shahi, 22 is a resident of Kathmandu. She took onto SchEMS College for her BBA studies. Her career in aviation got a kick-start when she joined Air Hostess Training Institute. The 5ft 6inch beauty completed her training in September 2011. “My training was a very fruitful experience as I got to learn the basics of aviation. I also acquired knowledge regarding personality development which for me has been the foundation of my achievements in aviation”, she said.

She is an ambitious personality with the willingness to learn and develop her way in aviation. Regarding her rise in aviation she explained,” It was a tough road ahead for me after my training as landing a job as an air hostess is a tough ask. It was my dedication and determination to achieve my dreams that carried me on through the tough times. My struggles finally bear fruit when I was selected as a cabin crew for Sita Air. It was there where I was able to add to my knowledge of hospitality and safety in air. My work ethic and hard work was well appreciated and thus I also took on the responsibilities of chief of cabin crew for a few months. After a couple of years flying with Sita Air, I was able to land the job at Qatar Airways as a CSA.”

“I am filled with gratitude for the way my parents have supported me during all my ups and downs and also for appreciating my work. My mom is the one who inspired me to start a career in aviation. Their motivation and support has been the reason I have been fearless to take a step up in my career”, she added.  On her first flight experience she added,” I was really thrilled to be on my first flight as a cabin crew. The mesmerizing mountainous view of our country made me feel really lucky to be a part of the aviation sector of our country. During my time as a cabin crew I was able to interact with people from different nationalities and visit the rural areas of the country. In short, my tenure as a cabin crew brought me closer to my country as well as the rest of world.”

“It is difficult to get a job as a cabin crew in our country but it can be simple if one is focused and hardworking. You have to be ambitious, patient and dedicated to your aim through the tough times and only then will you be able to accomplish your dream of flying. Being a cabin crew is not enough as you must have certain characteristics to be good at your job. Being polite, attentive and patient with the passengers is a must. A pleasing personality, good communication skills and a smile while greeting everyone is also necessary to be a good cabin crew”, she said.


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“Aviation sector in Nepal is going through a massive development with new airlines coming up and plans for new airports being brought forward. This is a testing time for all of us here at aviation and also for everyone interested in aviation. Please keep o your love and support for aviation and help guide it through to become one the best in the world.”


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