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Sofiya Sharma – Cabin Crew at Nepal Airlines –

Sofiya Sharma

 – Cabin Crew at Nepal Airlines –



A profession full of excitement and avalanche of beauty and flood of responsibility; yes we are talking about Flight Attendant. A job, which fulfills the dream of those who want to fly high in the sky above carrying a bulk of responsibilities on their presence. Following this dream, is one young girl who already has realized this dream into reality and has been flying in the skies of Nepal serving as a responsible, dedicated and passionate cabin crew. Aviation Nepal wants to share our valuable followers a short memorable talk with this persona remembering her valuable contributions that she has been providing continuously for Nepal Aviation.

Hello, I am Sofiya Sharma and I am from Nepalgunj. I feel humbly pleased and privileged to be introduced in the digital platform of ‘Aviation Nepal’ to express my words about journey towards the aviation world, perhaps everyone who wants to be involved in this industry of flying would experience. To tell about myself, I am 22 years old and 5’6″ tall. I completed my school from Nepalgunj and I am a BHM graduate from Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHM).

Working as a flight attendant for airline is often perceived to be a glamorous and exciting job but at the same time this job can be a responsibility which is physically and emotionally demanding. There is a real high degree of responsibility involved when it comes to the matter about the safety of aircraft and passengers flying within it high about the ground. A true dedicated cabin crew are expected to deal with all passengers diplomatically in any adverse situation that may occur uninvited and to be responsible and forever ready to deal with all the unfavorable circumstances that occurs inflight causing the uncomforted for passengers. And these all are supposed to be done even when we feel the effects of travelling through time zones and spending extended periods of time on their surroundings.

How did you initiate your Journey?

My journey towards aviation initiated just after I completed my final semester of my Bachelor level study when there was a vacancy announcement in Nepal airlines for Cabin Crew. I applied for the vacancy but lacked any initial training and got selected after a series of tests. Because we were provided an extensive amount of training after getting hired and getting into first flight, the lack of initial training did not matter much to me. I was very curious and dedicated too because of which I tried my best to learn from the training and fortunately luck turned a favor and now I feel so blessed to be associated with our National Flag Carrier. I get to fly both National and international sectors getting the most possible throughput from my career.

What did you begin as your first job and was it for Airlines?

I started my first step in aviation world from Nepal Airlines where I got hired for the very first time as a flight attendant and it was right after my graduation. I consider myself really lucky for as a kid, I always wanted to be a flight attendant inspired by my Aunt was also serving this field. She used to travel a lot of places and used to tell me about her travel stories that always fascinated me and that is when I decided to be an airhostess like her when I grow up. I have always liked the hospitality field and so I have chosen Hospitality Management for my graduation too. As airlines field is also related to Hospitality, I had a feeling that no other place I could get locked into leaving the career of an air hostess. And so I am living here taking off my career in hospitality of aviation high above the skies.

What were your parents’ perspectives for you being a Cabin Crew?

My parents supported me in the beginning and have been supporting me until now. They are glad about me and I am also so glad about them that they never tried to stop me live my dream. And with parents I have also been receiving continuous support from my friends and relatives too who are the direct reason behind making me realize my dream in aviation industry.

What things inspire you to be in aviation?

I love travelling and visiting new places, I like interacting with people, I like hospitality and I like being independent and fearless. I guess these are the things that have a direct relationship to put me in the pathof aviation.

 Your first flying experience? Your first flying experience?

My first flight experience was a Nepal Airlines flight when I was flying to Malaysia for my final year internship of Bachelor studies and that was in year 2013.That time; I had no idea that I would also be a part of Nepal Airlines within couple of years ahead.

And my first flight experience as a cabin crew was on my first flight to Phaplu. I can vividly remember the moment I wore the Nepal Airlines cabin crew uniform for the first time. I was full of excitement and pride. And I was also a bit scared at the time of first takeoff and landing of an aircraft I was in charge of cabin for that very first time. Greeting the passengers with a smile and then getting the same smile back was something very delightful serving to me.

What ingredients need to be cooked for being a smart cabin crew?

Each cabin crew job attracts hundreds of applicants which prove that it is a fantastic job that has given me also the opportunity to explore, have a long-term career and earn a reasonable salary. But these are not the things that need to be highlighted. To be a good enough cabin crew, one needs to be committed to his/her job. One has to be able of multi-tasking. We aren’t on a flight just to serve food and drink to the passengers. While our main concern is always the safety of the passengers, being a cabin crew is a challenging task and takes a lot of dedication to fulfill it. Politeness, diplomacy and tactics are some of the major thinks that one must count upon to be a smart and qualified cabin crew.

Anything you want to share for new comers?

I would like to aware the newcomers interested to join aviation that cabin crew is not only about glamour but it is about responsibilities. Once you are on board, there are so many responsibilities that are needed to be carried by a cabin crew on their shoulder. Dedication and diplomacy are the key to march ahead in this glamour and responsible field of aviation.

Want to say anything for all aviation lovers?

I would like to thank all the aviation lovers for supporting our aviation industry. We shall always try to ensure safety and security to our passengers and provide them the best service at the same time.

How are you exploring this world in uniform?

Being a part of the national carrier of our country, I have the opportunity to travel to many places around the globe. I get an opportunity to explore the local food, culture and religion and the living style of people. When I fly for the national airline and get to wear my uniform, I always feel delighted to represent my country and not just myself. My uniform has the specialty of presence of Bakhkhuthat represents one of the ethnic groups of Nepal and people are so curious about it. I feel so proud at that moment to represent the people of my country.

Any message for

I am so grateful to for giving me an opportunity to share my flying experience. This is really a very good platform for the uprising stars of aviation. Keep up the good work and thank you so much.

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