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Smriti Duwal- Cabin crew at Simrik Airlines –

Smriti Duwal

–  Cabin crew at Simrik Airlines –

“I am one of those people who believe in dreaming high and flying higher. My ambition and my love for aviation led to my dreams of becoming an air hostess.”

Smriti Duwal currently works as a cabin crew for Simrik Airlines, one of the best airline companies in the country. “I always wanted a career where I can enjoy my job and not just go and perform my duties. So here I am.”

Smriti, 24 is a resident of Panauti, Kavre. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Studies (BBS). She completed her high school studies from Himalayan College. “ I feel lucky to have been under the guidance of Lucky Shahi ma’am, a former airhostess at Nepal Airlines when at Airhostess Training Institute, Baneshwor”, she added.

“Aviation is a dream of a sector to be associated to and over that the job of an airhostess is a dream of so many young girls. Thus there is high competition when it comes to landing the job of an air hostess. I too went through different interviews and. After working hard to follow up with the interviews and possible employers, aided by recommendations I got from my performance in training I finally landed my dream job when I got appointed by Simrik Airlines in 2011”, said the 5ft 4inch beauty with brains.

She believes she owes a lot of her success to her daddy. “My parents have supported all of my decisions in life including the one to be a cabin crew and work in aviation. My daddy has always believed in me and my instincts. He never had a second thought about my abilities and my judgment to spread my wings and fly in between the clouds as a cabin crew. It feels nice to see that I came through and proved him and all my loving family members right”, she added.

“I have been dreaming of being in aviation since my childhood. The pride, the respect and the way cabin crew dress up and get ready to go to work really had me thinking that I want to be in aviation”, said Smriti on her inspiration to be in aviation. ” I have been flying to different parts of our country exploring the diversities it has to offer. My passion of travelling and exploring is shared by my husband and thus we plan to soon explore various locations and civilizations worldwide”, she added.

She claims to have been a little scared and nervous on her first flight. She further added, “I was more into looking and learning since it was my first on board training. I got over it quickly and now I fly the skies of our beautiful country serving my passengers the best way I can.”

She says all air hostesses should be ready to update themselves with the new features in flight, manage their time on duty and put full effort for the safety of fellow passengers. “A smile always goes a long way. Aviation is a blooming industry, we do have lot of opportunities but you have to prove you are capable of being one of us to get into that platform. Always believe in yourself and always stay sharp”, she added.

Message for aviation lovers

“I would like to thank everyone who has been with the aviation industry all through its bright and dark times. I want to ensure everyone that we here are committed to making the flying experience safe and pleasant. So please be with us and help us ensure all our actions are directed towards developing the sector we all feel proud to be associated to.”


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“Aviation Nepal has been there for aviation sector in a way no other initiatives had. Their commitment towards creating a bridge between the aviation sector and its enthusiasts is really praiseworthy. I would also like to express my gratitude for creating the air hostess section on their website.”




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