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Shristi Rajopadhyay- Cabin Crew at Himalaya Airlines –

Shristi Rajopadhyay

 – Cabin Crew at Himalaya Airlines –


Greetings, I am Shristi Rajopadhyay, Cabin Crew at Himalaya Airlines and it gives me a prodigious prerogative to introduce myself on this ‘aviationnepal’ digital floor and I am feeling privileged to share my experience, a high and a low phase perhaps every contemporary have to pass through, being into a journey of cabin crew. Well, to let you all know about me; I was born on 21st Aug, 5’6” tall and a permanent resident of Lalitpur. I completed my school level education from Global Higher Secondary School then intermediate level from Caspian Valley College and presently pursuing graduation at Tirbhuvan University.

Down the line, a passion of being cabin crew roll into my head and heart and to frame my passion as my a career I went down doing all the indispensable process that has to be done to value oneself to unlock the door of aviation world. I always believed myself to be very optimistic and positive, and perhaps the reason to get recruited by Nepal’s private international airliner “Himalaya Airlines” that is anticipated to be one of the largest airline in near future. It was 2014 when I completed my advanced training for cabin crew and the same year I got the placement at Himalaya Airlines, which was something I couldn’t ask anything better than.

What does it take to get a job at our domestic airliners?

To be very honest, given limited boundaries and viscous growth of aviation in Nepal, some time you have to push the envelope to get a space in the industries. One has to work harder and mentally strong to get a job in our national aviation field, having said that, I truly believe the face of Nepal’s aviation is changing in a constructive way, which certainly benefits those who wants to pursue their career in Nepal aviation industries.

How did you initiate your Journey?

Right since my childhood, I have been fascinated by this profession. My first experience was in a flight by Necon Air when I was flying to Biratnagar from Kathmandu with my mom and told the Cabin Attendant on board that I wanted to be one too when I grow up. She picked me up in her arms and said, “Sure! You will be when you grow up!” Since then my ambition has been to be a Cabin Attendant. I used to write this in all my autograph books in my school days. So that is how my journey began.

What did you begin as your first job and was it for Airlines?

I started my first job as a Cashier in Siddhi Chandi Savings and Credit Cooperative in 2009 A.D. This beginning was miles away from aviation; yet I couldn’t resist dreaming about being in the air. I worked hard for it and finally got selected for Himalaya Airlines in Dec 2014 AD.

What were your parents’ perspectives for you being a Cabin Crew?

Initially my parents were a little apprehensive because of the inherent associated with this job. However despite their fears, they encouraged and supported my career choice through the ups and downs. I am grateful to them for all their motivation that helped me reach my goal.

What things inspire you to be in aviation?

The word FLY is my inspiration– Which to me is ‘First Love Yourself.’ And since I love to fly, the rest just kind of falls into place.

 Your first flying experience?

My first flying experience as an operating crew was full of excitement along with nervousness within. I was excited as my dream transformed into reality, but anxious at the same time as there were so much to remember and act on during in-flight. It was a night flight inbound from Kathmandu to Doha. I could hear my heart beat and feel goose bumps during each take-off and landing, but I learnt a lot and showed gratitude towards god for making my dream come true.

What ingredients do it need to be cooked for being a smart cabin crew?

Most people think that a Cabin Attendant’s job is limited to greeting the passengers and serving them food and beverages though in reality it is a lot more than that. We bear the significant responsibility of the safety and security of the all the passengers flying with us. Under different circumstances, we may have to be a Doctor for a sick passenger, a mother for an unaccompanied minor, a policewoman for a drunken passenger, etc. No matter who you are – Politician, Artists, VIP or an ordinary passenger, your safety and security in the aircraft, both on the ground and up in the air is our responsibility. Sometimes people only see the glamorous side of our job, but our job not only requires us to be immaculately groomed, but also trained in first-aid, conflict resolution skills, aircraft equipment, emergency drills, etc. Your safety and security both on the ground as well as up in the air is our utmost priority.

 Anything you want to share for new comers?

 I certainly want to alarm all the newcomers, not to be misled by its outer glamorous as there are more sophisticated level of practices that need to be carried out during operation process, one most get braced to counter any obstacles in-fight. You have to persevere by remaining dedicated and you will make it.

Want to say anything for all aviation lovers?

Aviation in Nepal is going through a tough but a very exciting phase. Though there are problems like the regulatory being blacklisted by European union (EU), a lot of dedicated aviation professionals are working for resolving these problems. Given the tourist potential of our country, many more local airlines are poised to take off and expand rapidly. So I am very optimistic and think that there will be a lot of job opportunities in this sector.

 How are you exploring this world in uniform?

While in uniform and flying around the world, I not only represent myself, but my airline and country as well. Now that is a great responsibility that one should always keep in mind while enjoying the sights at foreign lands. While we enjoy, we must also respect the local beliefs and customs.

 Any message for

I would like to congratulate you and applaud your efforts in giving the general populace a peek into the aviation world. Keep up the good work and wish you many more successes in the future!

Warm Regards,
Shristi Rajopadhyay
Cabin Attendant
Himalaya Airlines Pvt. Ltd

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