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Shrishti Thapa – cabin crew at Yeti Airlines –

Shrishti Thapa

 – Cabin Crew at Yeti Airlines –


“Ever since I was little, working in aviation was my dream. Travelling to new places, meeting new people and the feeling of freedom that flying provides has always been my top of my wish list. The skies I conquer everyday motivate to reach out to even greater heights.”

Shrishti Thapa is a cabin crew at Yeti Airlines, one of the leading names in Nepalese aviation sector. “Getting to be in aviation and being able to fly to different places has lightened my life in an indescribable way”, she said.

A permanent resident of Nepalgunj, Shrishti completed her schooling in Nepalgunj. It was also in Nepalgunj that she completed her Bachelors in Business Studies. She completed her official cabin crew training only after her appointment at Yeti Airlines.

“I started my professional journey by taking up the job as a teacher in Nepalgunj. I then got a job in a travel agency through which I got the chance to work with aviation. Working there is when I found out about the vacancy in Yeti Airlines. It was the first time Yeti Airlines was hiring from Nepalgunj and I was one of the lucky ones to be appointed. My letter of appointment gave me more happiness than anything else. Working through various jobs, gaining various levels of experience in various professions I had finally landed my dream job. I was appointed on December 2009 and upon completing my training started flying from March 2010”, she said.

On being asked about her parents and their role in her career she said,” My parents have been fully supportive of my career. My mother has always backed up my decision and motivated me to achieve every goal I set. My parents are very proud of what I have achieved and their happiness makes me happier and motivates me to do my job even better.”

“I had always been dazzled by the charm and glamour that surrounds the job of a cabin crew. This profession for me was the best way to develop my personality and travel to various new destinations. These factors were the root of my inspiration which led me to the job that has given me so much more than I expected from it“, she added.

About her first flying experience, she remembers it to be an awesome one.” It was a flight west to Dolpa. The first takeoff and the experience flying were inexpressible. I was awestruck by the majestic views of the mountains along our route and could keep my eyes off them.”

She believes anyone interested to be a cabin crew needs to develop a good level of confidence and should be smart with her actions and words and be responsible for creating a good environment for the passengers. She advises any newcomers to be fully devoted to their aim.”Becoming a cabin crew was the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me. It is one best of professions as you get to travel, meet different people, inspire people and be very well respected”, she added.

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“Aviation in Nepal is a tough sector to be associated with and yet one that needs to be developed at a good pace. It is thus that every one related to aviation needs to contribute their utmost to help the sector develop. I request all aviation lovers to keep up their interests in the area and see it reach greater heights.”

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“Aviation Nepal is the best source of aviation news, blogs, etc  and I have been following them since some time. I would like to thank them for creating the Air Hostess section and wish them all the best for future success.”


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  1. Saved as a favorite, I really like your blog!

  2. Saved as a favorite, I really like your blog!