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Sazina Shrestha- Cabin Crew at Simrik Airlines –

Sazina Shrestha

– Cabin Crew at Simrik Airlines –

“I was 12 the day I realized I wanted to be an air hostess when I grew up. I still remember the moment when I saw an air hostess for the first time and instantly wanted to be like her. Seeing her charisma I told myself that one day, I will be like her.’

Sazina Shrestha is currently working as a cabin crew for Simrik Airline, an airlines that is quickly developing into one of Nepal’s best airlines. Sazina, 23 is currently enrolled at Prime College for completion of her BBA studies. She completed her SLC from Precious National Academy and then went on to NIST College for high school studies. She completed her cabin crew training from Flytech International in 2011.

“The dream that I saw since I was a little girl got its climax when I was appointed as cabin crew by Simrik Airlines on December, 2013. My happiness and excitement knew no bounds at the moment I learned about appointment. I always loved traveling and exploring new places. I was never afraid to face any challenges that came my way as I was confident that one day that I would get the job I had dreamt of and so I did”, said Sazina.

She experienced some difficulties in convincing her parents about a career in aviation. She explained, “There are many people who consider flying in Nepal or even flying in common as dangerous. The first time I consulted with my parents about having a career as an air hostess, they were not ready as they were worried about my safety. I had to convince them that flying still is the safest means of transportation in the world and the same thing is true for Nepal. Air transport is the most well handled means of transportation and there is a system where taking precautions and following safety procedures is a must. It is after I told them all this and more that they were convinced. They still worry about me when I go on duty but I know that they will stop worrying some day soon.”

She remembers her first flight to be a landmark occasion of her life and remembers everything of it. “It was a mountain flight and I was trained by a senior cabin crew about all the pre-flight duties including welcoming passengers, checking seatbelts, announcing the aircraft safety and emergency procedures, checking and completing the paperwork including flight report, etc. We took off and climbed to approximately 21,000 feet. As soon as the seatbelt sign was off I started with my on-flight duties. I still remember the first time I saw the mighty Himalayas through one of the windows. I was taken aback by the beauty our country had to offer. It was during the flight that I saw many of our mountains including Mount Everest. It was my first flying experience and to have witnessed such a heavenly sight, I felt like I was on the top of the world; one of the best moments of my life. Being a cabin crew I have met different people from different corners of the globe and have developed my communication skills. Sometimes going to work is like going on a vacation and enjoying the stress free side of life. Flying has thus added a different type of energy into my life; one I had been missing and thus I enjoy my life now like I never did before.

The job of an airhostess, as difficult as it is to get, is very much worth the struggle. Flying for me is an inexpressible feat. Being paid to fly and do a job you love, looking the best you can, exploring new places sums up to make the job of an air hostess one of the best professions there is. The job of an airhostess, as glamorous as it is, also is a very challenging one. It requires a positive attitude, intelligence, critical thinking skills and also the ability to be calm during stressful scenarios. A cabin crew should be ready with a smile whenever greeting the passengers. It is a job of great responsibility and thus needs to be done with the desire to be the best and only then can you become a successful cabin crew.

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Aviation in Nepal has been considered as dangerous by many people in and out of the country. I have an exception to that and work hard every day to make everyone’s experience in this sector a pleasant one. We here at aviation are committed to taking Nepalese aviation sector to new heights and need the love and support of all aviation enthusiasts to achieve so.

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I am very glad to be part of this air hostess feature and like to thank them and wish the team of all the best for future success.

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