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Samjhana Thapa- cabin crew at Buddha Air –

Samjhana Thapa

– cabin crew at Buddha Air –


“My dream to be an air hostess came is inked with the experience to fly and travel to different places having in sight the beauty our country has to offer.”

Samjhana Thapa is currently employed as a cabin crew at Buddha Air, one of the nation’s leading airline companies. Samjhana, 25 is a permanent resident of Lalitpur. She is on the verge of completing her Masters in Sociology from Tribhuvan University.

“It was not that difficult to get a job as a cabin crew when I got the job at Buddha Air. Buddha Air was where my journey in aviation began when I was appointed on September 2007.It was right after my high school graduation and thus I feel lucky to have had an easy route to getting my dream job. It was there that I took the basic cabin crew training. I got my approval as a cabin crew on 17th of October 2007 and started flying the very next day”, she told.

On being asked about her family and their role in her career, she added,” My parents were the ones who suggested me to apply for the job opening at Buddha Air. Be it motivation or support, they have always been my primary source. I am filled with gratitude for their contribution in my career and hope to make them proud with my achievements.”

She tells her first flight was a mountain flight. “I was a little nervous on the first day of duty but the nervousness didn’t last long as the feeling of flying and the sight there was on offer, made it the best feeling I had had. It was the flight experience and the opportunity to travel with the view of the mighty Himalayas that inspired me to be in aviation. The same feeling has been my driving force too.”

“The opportunity to work as an air hostess is very tough nowadays. Aviation is a glamorous as well as well respected sector to work in. As the competition in the sector increases, the prerequisite to land the job as well as to improve in it increases too. Thus you have to have a very professional approach. You should also be very patient as well as develop a pleasant personality. The good understanding of hospitality and good communication skills is a must have. It is also important to realize that this is a very responsible and difficult job. There are a lot of hidden duties and responsibilities during flight that you need to be aware of”, told the 5ft 3” beauty.

Message for aviation lovers

Aviation in Nepal is a wonderful sector to be associated with. Be it professionally or through interests aviation never fails to amaze us. We thus need to give our best to develop this sector. Nepal’s aviation has the potential to be one of the best in the world and this is only achievable through contribution from people both in and out of aviation. So keep up your hope and love for aviation and see it rise.

Message for

Aviation Nepal is the premier organization in the country dedicated to providing general public all they need to know about aviation. Their weekly air hostess section has been able to motivate not only those who want to be an air hostess but also the air hostesses at operation now to work better. I thus wish them all the best for an imminent bright future.



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