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Samikshya RL Shah – Cabin Crew at Yeti Airlines –

Samikshya RL Shah

 – Cabin Crew at Yeti Airlines –

A profession, embedded with varieties of rolls, a host to welcome on board with big smile, a safety instructor, a friend to passengers, a nurse to needy, a hero during emergency evacuation, a standby crew who is there during pilot incapacitation, a person who cares you more than themselves to ensure your comfort like a dear one. Yes indeed, a cabin crew we are talking about who does not just add glamour in aviation but also stands as a strong persona to encounter any safety threat during flight operation.

AviationNepal feels privilege to share an experience of Miss Samikshya RL Shah, a prolific cabin crew at Yeti Airlines.

1. How you define yourself and your profession?

Talking about myself, I am a very enthusiastic and responsible person. Interacting with people and getting to know them is something I am very fond of. I passed my +2 from Kathmandu Valley College and I am currently studying bachelors in business studies. I am a very forward person and always eager to know about new people, their culture and their social environment. I am passionate about my dream, dream to become a successful cabin crew and that is why I joined Yeti Airlines at the age of 19.

And to define my profession, I think it is one of the toughest and challenging jobs because we have to bear a huge responsibility. We have to work under pressure, deal with different types of passengers; sometimes working under different conditions in hectic schedules to ensure the safety and comfort of the passengers.

2. What does it take to get a job at our domestic airliners?

In order to work under the domestic airlines, all we need to do is meet up the basic requirements which have been set up by the airlines. We must be physically and mentally fit to work under the schedules. One should be educationally qualified too. The minimum requirement is high school graduate and a person should have a pleasing personality. After dropping off the CV, one has to go through a series of interview and undergo a long training. After one passes the exams certified by CAAN, then you become a certified cabin crew.

3. How did you initiate your Journey?

I commenced my journey as a trainee in one of the airhostess institutes in Kathmandu. I had attained the basic grooming and interview preparation classes and I got basic knowledge about my job and my roles.

 4. What did you begin as your first job and was it for Airlines?

I started working at a very young age. I was 19 years when I applied at Yeti Airlines Domestic and got appointed here. I have been working here for 10 months now and I enjoy every bit of it.

5. What were your parents’ perspectives for you being a Cabin Crew?

I was an ACCA student but I didn’t want to pursue my career in accounting field. I wanted to find a career that would be challenging and I was very passionate about flying. When I first broke the news to my parents about my passion, they seemed a bit afraid and nervous but I managed to convince them.  So I applied here on Yeti airlines and I had their full support.

6. What things inspire you to be in aviation?

Aviation is one of the most challenging fields one could ever work for.  The rush, thrill, risk, and the passion I see of people for their job inspired me to be in aviation field. One of my aunt works for Nepal Airlines Corporation. She would tell be about her stories and her job; the challenges, the pressure. I used to re-imagine it and wonder what it would be like if I was working in aviation. I have seen people being workaholic but I believe nothing gets in the blood of the people the way aviation does.

7. Your first flying experience?

My first flying experience was only when I flew as an S/N trainee cabin crew. It was one of the best moments of my life. I felt adrenaline rush the moment our aircraft took off for BWA airport till the moment flaps were set down and we landed. Clouds were above and beneath me. I felt like I was on top of the world and I was so happy that this is the career I chose.

8. What ingredients do it need to be cooked for being a smart cabin crew?

Becoming a cabin crew is not a piece of cake. One has to dedicate himself/herself wholeheartedly if they want to work as a cabin crew. One should be physically and mentally prepared to act during critical phases of flight. Most people have a misbelieve that cabin crews are there only to serve them with coke and coffee. It’s not just that. We undergo vigorous training and exams so that we can ensure the safety of all the passengers and crew. God forbid, if anything were to happen in a flight then we are the first person to act up and evacuate all the passengers and crew. Similarly, a cabin crew must be smart enough to assess the situations and tackle them accordingly in the best possible way. We smile and deal with the passengers for their comfort but at the same time if they try to hamper the flight safety, we have to be smart enough to tackle them in the best possible way. One has to be very attentive and considerate too.

9. Anything you want to share for new comers?

Aviation field is vast. Cabin crew plays an important role in flight safety. So everyone aspiring to be a cabin crew must be responsible and serious about their job. Just grooming and walking in heels in the airport won’t make you a cabin crew. You have to be able to face all the challenges that this job has to offer.  You will lose so many social and family events. When other people are enjoying the festivals,  you might be cruising at 15,500 feet interacting with your passengers. But if you’re passionate for your job then all of this handwork would be worth it at the end.

10. Want to say anything for all aviation lovers?

All I want to say for aviation lovers is that we are all the same. We thrive for the job we work for; whether it’s flying the aircraft or handling the passengers on the ground or those working for maintenance and even reporting. So we must fulfill all our obligations to ensure that aviation in Nepal is safe and sound.

11. How are you exploring this world in uniform?

My uniform is my pride. When I leave home from work, I’m always hopeful that I will work with all my heart. Care for my passengers. See new places. Meet different people from different socio-cultural backgrounds. I get to know so many things about so many places because of my uniform.  I’m genuinely happy to welcome my passengers on board with a smile on my face wearing my uniform.

12. Any message for has been playing a great role in promoting Nepalese aviation. I think it’s great that people working here are passionate about aviation and are working very hard every day. I would like to congratulate them for their success and their great work. Lastly, I would like to thank them for giving me a platform to express my views and opinions.

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