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Pratikshya Nepal- Cabin Crew at Buddha Air-

Pratikshya Nepal

– Cabin Crew at Buddha Air-



“I always dreamt of touching the blue sky and flying higher. Determination and hard work were the keys that unlocked a life that I had dreamt of; a life of flying above the clouds, besides the mighty Himalayas and above our beautiful country.”

Pratikshya Nepal is currently employed as a cabin crew at Buddha Air, one of best airliners of Nepal. She said,” Being an air hostess was something I always dreamt of and having achieved it, I feel wonderful and find myself motivated to get better.”

Her journey in Aviation

Born and raised in Itahari, she currently lives in Pepsicola town planning, Kathmandu. She completed her schooling at Pakali village and went on to SOS Balgram, Itahari to complete her high school education. She has been with Buddha Air for her training and career as a cabin crew. She explained, “I saw the vacancy at Buddha Air so I applied as quickly as I could. At the time of interview, I was a little nervous due to the presence of strong competition all around but the urge to fulfill my lifelong dream and determination to compete motivated me to come out victorious”. She was appointed on the 17th of June 2014. She has been devoted to the hospitality of the airline’s passengers ever since.

“My mom was scared with my decision for a career in aviation. It has been a year since then and now she is very proud of me. All my family members share my mother’s pride and have loved and supported me through every step I take”, tells the 21 year old. She also mentions the support her friends in and out of the aviation sector have provided her time to time to reach where she has and helped her thrive forward.

“I still remember the time I was handed my certificate and name plate by our company’s MD. A sense of accomplishment and the excitement of being able to fly as I had always dreamt made that moment the happiest moment of my life”, recalled Pratikshya. “My first solo flight was from Kathmandu to Biratnagar. I cannot describe just how happy I was when out fight got cleared to take off. I welcomed our passengers with smile on my face and full of curiosity about what was to unfold next”, she added.

She points out a positive attitude, a smiling face and proper devotion to serve as a must have for a cabin crew. “You have to create a friendly environment for the passengers and be helpful to everyone”, she added.  ‘Beauty with brains’ is what a cabin crew should be, according to her.

“I want to tell all the newcomers to believe in their dreams and have the willingness to achieve and to live it. Flying is a wonderful feeling that tops anything you would have experienced. The job of an air hostess is a very well respected one with a lot of responsibilities you should be able to carry out with full dedication”, she said.

Message for Aviation Enthusiasts

“Aviation is a wonderful area to be in and to add to it, Nepal’s aviation is an even better workspace to be at. It has been in the phase of development since long but recent developments have added more confidence in people both in and out of aviation. With a number of sectors linked to it the country’s aviation stands as one of the most important sectors in Nepal and its development is a must. So keep up your love for aviation and contribute for its rise.”

Message for Team

“Aviation Nepal is the first and most popular hub for aviation news in Nepal and thus I feel delighted to be a part of their air hostess feature. I would like to wish them all the best for their future and hope they can play a big part in the rise of Nepal’s aviation.”

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  1. Subash Karna

    Well hope her future is secured and reach at greater heights at the aviation industry

  2. I’ve had a flight with you.