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Nagina Nepal – Cabin Crew at Nepal Airlines –

Nagina Nepal

 – Cabin Crew at  Nepal Airlines –


“Every time I climb up to my flight I don’t go to work, I go to live my dreams. I love working in odd hours, and am available whenever called upon; dawn to dusk, in varying time zones or in any unusual situations for it is my dream I live every time I don my uniform.”

Nagina Nepal is a cabin crew at the Nepal Airlines, the national flag bearer. She has been in the aviation sector with the operation department of Air Dynasty and Fishtail Air before securing her move to NAC.
“I love to fly, to travel and to know the world and its residents better. It is a dream to have a career that allows you to travel the world looking the best you can”.

Nagina Nepal,25 is a permanent resident of Battisputali, Kathmandu. She completed her higher secondary level studies from VS Niketan Higher Secondary School and went up to Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hospitality Management(NATHM) to complete her bachelor’s degree in travel and tourism. Her official cabin crew was completed at Airhostess Training Institute (AHTI), New Baneshwor in 2008.

“In a country like Nepal with a limited fleet of aircrafts, landing a job in the aviation sector is not a walk in the park. The sheer number of competition discourages many to halt their progression but with a little more injection of self confidence, skill, knowledge and good attitude I was able to achieve my dream to fly. This job as an air hostess is much more than just beauty and glamour”, she said. She joined Air Dynasty Heli Services in 2011 as a trainee in Operations Department. I had been going through my struggles in the aviation field I so wanted to work in and was having second thoughts on whether to stay in Nepal or fly to some foreign countries. She then landed a job in the operations department in Fishtail Air the same year.

“I am very thankful to both the airlines for the experience I had and providing me a greater platform to further develop a career in the country’s aviation industry”, said a grateful Nagina. Working in the aviation sector I came to know about the charm and the demands of aviation in the skies of Nepal. 2014 was when she landed her dream job when she was appointed as a cabin crew for Nepal Airlines and has been flying with them since. “My parents have always been in full support mode for whatever path I have set foot upon. It has been their love and motivation that kept me strong during my struggles”, she added. On being asked about her first flight experience she replied,” It was a flight from Kathmandu to Bangkok and back. I was so excited to have accomplished what I had dreamt for a long time. I finally felt like I was home when I was cruising through the blue sky. I believe my work is the top priority for me and that has been the key to my success.”

“People generally assume air hostess as a member of the service department only but we are much more. Safety issues are also to be issued by an air hostess and are looked out for before anything else. As a flight attendant rightly puts it “I am much more than a pretty face and don’t you forget it; I might save your life someday. A newcomer for me must be responsible for all her duties that she takes upon throughout the period of boarding and flight. There is a lot of competition in the field but dedication, undying willingness and the passion to succeed can lead us to wherever our dreams are. Being an air hostess also requires patience in any circumstances, compassion and perseverance. One of the biggest incentives for becoming crew is the chance to see and explore the world and get paid for it”, she explained.

To all aviation lovers

Aviation sector was been a bliss of a workspace for me and every day I work, it keeps feeling better. If you keep staring at the sky from down you will never reach the skies so keep your dreams big and spread your wings and no wonder you shall be there. To the people enthusiastic about the aviation sector of the country, we have been delivering our best efforts and I would like to request them to keep up your love for aviation and see it reach new heights.


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“Aviation Nepal has been the best source of aviation news, articles and stories for me recently. I would like to extend by best wishes to the Aviation Nepal team and hope they progress further and help bring the nation’s aviation sector closer to its people.”


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