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Laxmi Shrestha- Cabin Crew at the Nepal Airlines –

Laxmi Shrestha

– Cabin Crew at the Nepal Airlines –


“Love the job you do; the good and the bad part of it; the easy as well as the tough part of it and only then will you be able to excel at your job and have a wonderful time doing it.”

Laxmi Shrestha is currently on duty as a cabin crew for Nepal Airlines. She worked at Yeti Airlines for a couple of years before making her move to the national flag carrier.

Laxmi, 22 is a permanent resident of Boudha, Kathmandu. She completed her graduation from Kumari Multiple College and before that had been to Nobel Academy High School for her high school studies. Her career in aviation started with her cabin crew training program for which she went to Flytech Institute. She completed her training in 2010.

The job of an air hostess is one of the most sorted out jobs and thus is very difficult to get. It was Air Kasthamandap where she first tried for a chance but was not selected.” Due to different circumstances I could not apply elsewhere for a couple of years. Although I was away from aviation for a while but I never gave up on my dream to fly. It was 2012 when Yeti Airlines came calling that I applied for the job. Although the competition was very high, I was selected. Being handed the appointment letter for my first job as a cabin crew was the best time of my life. It was after a couple of wonderful years with Yeti Airlines that I moved to Nepal Airlines.”, added the 5’ 4” beauty. She was appointed by Nepal Airlines on March 2015 and has been greeting the passengers in the country’s national flag carrier ever since.

“It was since I was in 7th grade that I wanted to become and air hostess. I fell in love with the idea of flying and also representing such a glamorous way of life second to only the film industry”, she said. She claims her parents have been her major source of love and support throughout the tough and happy days in her career. “My parents have been with me all through my career and have never failed to motivate me to move forward to achieve my dreams”, she added.

When asked about her first flight she told,” My first flight was such a memorable moment both personally and professionally. It was a mountain flight so my level of excitement was on the high throughout the flight. The excitement of having your dream come true and that too with the majestic view of Mt. Everest; the pride of Nepal along with other mountains such as Gaurishankar, Langtang and Makalu was simply indescribable.

Getting the job as an air hostess is a tough ask but it is how well you do after getting the job that defines your achievement. Beauty with brains for me is the best way to describe an air hostess. You should be courteous, well groomed and always greet passengers with a smile. A good personality and good communications skills too are a must to thrive in this profession. An air hostess should also realize that their job is a sensitive one and thus requires seriousness and strong feeling of responsibility.

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Nepal has a tough road ahead in the aviation sector due to many reasons so it will be a tough ask to guide it to greater heights. We, the people working in aviation are fully committed towards the aviation sector and expect the same from the general public interested in aviation. Nepal’s aviation has been blacklisted due to various technical and human errors but we are determined to come out of it better and stronger. So in this testing time be with the aviation sector that you love and see it rise.

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Aviation Nepal in some ways has been the sound of the aviation sector in Nepal getting the whereabouts of aviation and delivering it to the general public. I wish them the best for future success and would like to express special gratitude for the operation of the Air Hostess section.


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