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Karishma Malakar- Cabin crew at Nepal Airlines –

Karishma Malakar

–  Cabin crew at Nepal Airlines –


Hello, this is me Karishma Malakar, a high education graduate (Science, Physic) from DAV College, Lalitpur. I am 5ft 8inc.Right now, I am searching the best university for my further study,piloting.I live in Kathmandu- Kirtipur with my family. I am motivated by the opportunity and desire to grow and learn new things. My main interest is on working with mass. I believe in myself. And, yes I am confident that I could do better in aviation field. Also, as a part of my hobby I did photo shoots, walked in many runways as a model and hosted many programs and events .I am well involved in team work, I am quite familiar working and studying with group of people with diversity. So I am sure I would easily move on with the environment and establish a strong friendly relation here in aviation. Well, I believe in non-discriminatory and equitable society; I’m not at peace with myself until I know I am working at my full potential to do something better. With energy and intention, I am encouraged to take next steps on my life with Nepal Airlines. And, I am confident that the skills which I will bring along with me will be an asset to the esteemed airlines.

Sometimes life doesn’t give you what you want. Not because you don’t deserve it, but because you deserve something else

1) Where did you complete cabin crew training? And when?

Well. I didn’t start my career with a cabin crew job in my mind. I always dreamed to become a pilot. That’s why I took up science in college.To be frank I wasn’t into any cabin crew training agency. I learned it up in my own.  Being the top 5th contestant in MISS JYAPU and working as an assistant choreographer every year at Little Miss World Nepal. I built up all those personalities and confident that I needed as a cabin crew. There was so much to learn. Finally I completed each cabin crew training from NAC after signing Cabin crew appointment in 2071. Piloting is still in my mind lol.

2) How hard to get a job?
In this case, I feel lucky but no doubt I tried my best. It was my first try to Nepal Airlines for cabin crew and I succeed.  This doesn’t mean it’s easy to get the job. Obviously, the competition was so high. For 15 seats there were 500 applicants. This proves how tough was it to get this job.

  3) How did you start your journey?

I was inspired to be a cabin crew by my own sister, Reshma. I followed her up and went through all her ideas ad tips. Nepal airline was the 1st airline where I dropped my CV. It was so wonderful when I passed all those interviews and written exams and I finally had my wings, I could fly. From here on I was fully fledged crew member. And yes I take cabin crew as the beginning of my journey to aviation.

4) Your first job and how you began? When did you join the airlines?

Nepal Airlines Corporation is my 1st platform in aviation. I joined it in 2071. Simply, as guided my elder sister, I followed up Nepal airlines’ site and went through all interviews and stages.

5) What your parents thought regarding job?

My family has shaped who I am today and has always been there for me. They always have encouraged me in this flied. Including my mommy papa, my diju also has been by my side since the day I was born, all of them take cabin crew as challenging and fun job with duties and responsibilities. They have always been so optimistic regarding the job. I feel so blessed to have them in my life.

6) What things inspired you to be in aviation?

I believe aviation is so fun. Flying high was always my dream. It was my aim to be a pilot since I was 10, so I kept continuing with physics. The so called interest in aviation was always there from the day I saw aircrafts flying high like a bird in the sky. In conclusion, I was inspired in aviation by my nature, also with my diju’s perceptions toward a cabin crew.

 7) You’re first flying experience?

My heart was pounding as I walked through the doors of the TA. It was my family trip to Biratnagar,Dharan  with Buddha airline. The journey was so pleasant and comfortable that I can never forget it. As a crew, my first flight was a mountain flight in Twin otter. Yes, I was quite nervous but It was such an amazing starting with my passengers and the beauty of the nature.  I will never, ever forget my first day as a cabin crew and my last flight as a passenger.

8) What things are needed to be a smart cabin crew?

I believe cabin crew most be a crew with beauty and brain. One must be flexible, confident and outgoing, good communicator and no doubt, dedicating and hard working. Hence, I believe cabin crew is a full package including all the above. This is what  a girl needs to be a smart cabin crew.

9) What do you want to say to new comer?

Hello dear ones,
greetings and regards,

Being cabin crew I feel so great. I feel incredibly proud. There’s more to it than you think. Yes, its too tough but its too fun instead. I have always been so excited flying high. I never wanted my life to be like: “Go to school. Graduate. Get a job.  Get married. Grow old. Wish my life had been more interesting.” That’s why I’ve decided to become a part of aviation no matter how challenging the job may seem. If you guys never wanted your life to be this way than come aviation is the right choice.

Come be part of us and feel free like bird. Its fun

10) What you want to say about all aviation lovers?

No one can realize how substantial and fun aviation is, until he feels the moment. It inspires confident at once .It’s wonderful to climb the liquid mountains of the sky. Be proud of being here. Cheer up and live your dream.

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