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Jenny Sherpa Cabin Crew at Tara Air

Jenny Sherpa

– Cabin Crew at Tara Air –


Define yourself and your profession?

Hello and Namaste!

My name is Jenny Sherpa and I am from Boudha, KTM. I am kind of free spirit and quiet an adventurer, love travelling and exploring places. I have been an air hostess with TARA Air for 2 years now. Besides being an air hostess, I also actively participate as an emcee in concerts and cultural programme. I am currently on 3rd year of my Bachelor course in Journalism and mass communication.

Your definition for aviation?

I particularly don’t have a fix definition of my own for aviation, but I do take it as a both luxury and for some the only way out. Simply saying, aviation is just a form of travel but some take it as a recreational luxury such as taking a mountain flight and enjoying the magnificent view of Himalayas.

 How did you initiate your Journey?

I took an air hostess training after completing my 12th grade. Since I am the only child, my parents were never into the idea of me pursuing an air hostess career. Even the training for an air hostess was done without my parent knowledge. It took me at least more than six months after the completion of my air hostess training that I successfully was able to get a job here at TARA Air. Now I am doing well in my profession my parent don’t discourage me although they are still not yet fully content with it.

Can you recall your first flying experience? How did you feel?

I recall my first flight as an air hostess was to Dolpa. I was pretty excited and nervous at the same time, being that my first flight. The nervousness of first flight was somewhat filled with satisfaction, a satisfaction of being able to pull off my duty. The appreciation from the pilots at day end really boosted my morale.

What are the obstacles to be faced by cabin crew?

Well, being an air hostess is no easy job for sure. We are very much responsible for our clients to feel a pleasurable flight. It is up to us to comfort them during the harsh condition of flight time and to attend them when in bad health. We need to be at ever alert in making our elderly, as well as young mothers with infants, have a very pleasant flight. So, to summarize we need to be top at both psychological and physiological condition and not waver from our duty to respond to our passenger in a sociable manner. Our flight time duty in maintaining records and professional conduct during off time. All this condition and finally to present ourselves with smart personality is what will help secure a crew member job.

Your worst experience as a cabin crew?

I do not recall any bad memories from my time flying as a crew member with TARA Air. It is sometimes nerve wrecking when the weather is really bad, but that is all part of a job. The only saddest memories I can think from my time working here at TARA Air are the few accidents that have occurred during this past two years. The crew members were all whom I have interacted at some point and I believe, their loss is felt not only by me but everyone in the Nepali aviation industry.

Your perception towards Nepali Aviation Industry and CAAN?

Though being comparatively young in the aviation industry, Nepal can boast having private enterprises such as Buddha Air and Yeti air that serves millions of passengers each year and so to do for decades now is a major achievement. TARA Air, with which I am proud to be associated with has been serving passengers for most rural part of Nepal, namely Humla and Dolpa which are still yet to be connected with the road network. So, while flying to those parts of Nepal and realizing that our services are the only medium for those people to travel gives me great satisfaction. With additional airlines broadening its wings and Nepal Airlines, the sole national flag bearer reemerging from its slumber, I see the aviation industry of Nepal making great strides towards glorious future. CAAN on its part is playing a vital role in improving the aviation sector, with the addition of new international airports at Pokhara and Butuwal just being the examples.

Pilots perspectives towards cabin crew?

I have found pilots to be very supportive and being our seniors, they really are very warm and caring to us. We do boast a host of female pilots as well in Nepal aviation industry, so it is something quite an encouragement for me to look up to them. I am at present very much inspired by the female pilots, whom I have really started looking up to and even having an inspiration to be one myself.

Your message for the youth interested for cabin crew job?

I would like to advise fellow future aspire to be mentally prepared for the job as it is one of the toughest job to pull off. The job can be quiet monotonous and may drain the excitement quiet early in the job, so one should be well prepared to at least last for few years before even thinking of joining the roster. The reward of everlasting memories we will create in the air will be sweet though.

Your message for aviation lovers?

To all those aviation enthusiasts, be that passenger or someone looking their future as crew member – I would like to heartily welcome on board and thank you in advance for providing an opportunity to serve and to those future Pilots and air hostesses, looking forward to working with you all and creating new memories.

How are you exploring this world in uniform?

I hope I have pretty much sum up my life as a crew member in one of the reputed airlines here in Nepal; one filled with both adventure and hardship, challenging yet rewarding, demanding yet satisfactory and finally giving respect while earning back in return. So, I am really enjoying my life in uniform, not an ordinary uniform but the one that has TARA Air engraved in it.

Any message for team?

I hope team will cover many more stories from all the personnel from a various background working tirelessly in uplifting the Nepali aviation industry. I hope it will continue providing the platform to all the hardworking professional from various field to tell their stories. I am looking forward to reading many more inspiring stories in future and wish all the best to the team for their growth.

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