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Ishwora Pachhai- Cabin Crew at Saurya Airlines –

Ishwora Pachhai

– Cabin Crew at Saurya Airlines –

“Flying gives me the independence that nothing else can afford and also fills me with confidence to conquer every inch the sky has to offer. Every time I put on my uniform I feel the excitement of living my dream of flying. Life is beautiful in the sky.”

Ishwora Pachhai is currently working as a cabin crew at Saurya Airlines, an airline quickly building its reputation as one of the best service providers in Nepal’s aviation.” I am enjoying my life as cabin crew; traveling to different place and learning about new cultures. I love flying and also the experiences that comes with this job”, she said.

Ishwora Pachhai is a permanent resident of Butwal and is currently housed in Kathmandu. She has been pursuing her graduation in sociology from Ratna Rajya Laxmi Campus. She has a professional diploma in aviation, hospitality and travel management from Dehradun, India. Upon completion of her diploma she went on to Frankfinn Institute of Airhostess Training in India to conquer her dreams of flying. Getting enrolled in one of the best airhostess training institutes of the world was when she believes her career in aviation started. She completed her training on September 2014.

“I read about a vacancy announcement for cabin crew in an upcoming airline in a newspaper and applied for it. It happened so quickly as not even a week had passed since I had returned to Nepal upon the completion of my training in India. I went through different selection processes and finally earned my appointment. My entry into Nepal’s aviation industry was easy compared to many in the same profession. It may have been easy but the thrill I got when I was appointed still is one of the best moments of my life”, explained the 20 year old. She got her appointment letter on October 2014 and has been in service ever since.

“My parents always trusted me in being able to achieve my dreams of flying. They are thus very proud of my achievement and continue to support me in every step I take. My friends out of aviation are proud of the person I have become and are always eager to listen to new and wonderful stories I have in stock to tell them about my journeys,” she explained. Standing at 5ft 6 she has been dazzling her passengers with a smile whenever on duty and displaying the hospitality that has been very well appreciated. “I like the appreciation my colleagues and passengers offer me and it motivates me to be even better”, she told.

She has always seen herself as an independent and confident girl and recognized aviation as a sector where her skills would come to best of use. Being passionate about flying helped her cause and she aimed to become an air hostess and worked hard to achieve her dreams.”Aviation is a booming sector and I saw it as the perfect platform for my skills to flourish and I haven’t looked back since,” she added. When asked about her first flight she replied,” I was filled with excitement when I first stepped up as a cabin crew. I realized just how great it felt to have achieved what I had dreamt of for such a long time.”

Advice to Newcomers

She points out good communication skills, perfect grooming, confidence and humility as a must have for a cabin crew.  She advises newcomers to stay focus on their goal and work hard. She added, “I want to tell all friends who want to join aviation to move in a positive way and believe in yourself and you will definitely fulfill your dreams. It is a wonderful feeling being able to live your dream and more so in your own country. Working in my own country and assisting for its development is what fills me with pride.”

Message for aviation lovers

“I want to say to all the aviation lovers that aviation is a booming sector and it’s never ending. We are responsible for how it will stand in the future and thus should work hard and aid in its development. Shower your love for Nepal’s aviation and see it rise.”

Message for

“I really appreciate the work done by this website in bringing the nation’s aviation sector closer to people in and out of aviation. I am very glad to be part of this air hostess feature and like to thank them and wish the team of all the best for future success.”


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