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Ichchhya Budha Magar-Chief of cabin crew for Sita Air

Ichchhya Budha Magar (Alisha)

-Chief of cabin crew for Sita Air-

If you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, success is a landmark just waiting to be accomplished tells Alisha with a great sense of accomplishment only few women of her age have experienced. A dream most girls of her age kept close to their heart is one she is living every day. Being A cabin crew Once a dream job for every single girl, and living it in reality is far from wonderful.

Ichchhya Budha Magar AKA Alisha is currently serving as the chief of cabin crew for Sita Air. “The sweet fruit of success has been such that I have forgotten the difficulties I overcame to reach the position I am at”, she says.

Her Journey In Aviation

Ichchhya permanent resident of Dang is a third year undergraduate student at Rehdon College. She had previously completed her higher secondary level studies in management from NCCS. Once eligible she in process of fulfilling her childhood dreams joined basic cabin crew training at Flytech International, Putalisadak in 2011. She had to face some problem initially to enter the aviation industry. She got the most awaited opportunity after she applied at Sita Air in February 2013. She has been exceptional at what she does and as a proof; she was promoted as the chief of cabin crew in 2015.

She always has a big sense of gratitude towards her parents who have been supportive of each step she took since day one and still stand beside her. “I am a team player and love working in a team that works towards a common goal. This is something I have always dream of; to be a part of the aviation industry. It represents both my aim and my passion. I have a positive attitude towards my career; I am self motivated and really enjoy my work”, tells the 22 year old with a smile that has dazzled many passengers travelling though Sita Air in the last few years.

She describes her first experience as a really exciting one. “It was an emotional and happy moment for me. My first flying experience was all about getting to know more about what it feels like being an airhostess and loving each and every moment of flying. My first flying experience was and will always be a magical and an unforgettable moment”, she explained.

She highlights a confident and pleasant personality among others required to become an airhostess. She says, “Being confident is being beautiful. To be a smart cabin crew one must be confident and with a pleasant personality along with willingness to learn and be passionate about flying. And last but not the least; must have a positive attitude towards life and career.”

She advises newcomers in the field to remember that the most important thing is the responsibility the crew carry on their arms and being alert at the same time. She urges everyone to unite in an effort to develop the aviation industry so that we can kiss the skies all over the world. Her passion and commitment sure make her a wonderful asset for our aviation industry.

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2 Responses to Ichchhya Budha Magar-Chief of cabin crew for Sita Air

  1. simonbc

    alisha budha beuti hoga dekhneme shoba god ne sundar diya hogha!

  2. Our students are pearls for us. FLYTECH proud on u Ichchya. U r always kind to us as well as to your colleagues, tall n beautiful, with smart personality, your success means a lot for us. God bless u.