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Gauri KC – Cabin Crew at Simrik Airlines-

Gauri KC

– Cabin Crew at Simrik Airlines-

“These challenging times are when we need to be united with a common cause of getting back to where we were and beyond. I am inviting my friends from abroad to visit Nepal. We are trying to promote domestic tourism by making more trips to different pilgrimages. Only when we all stand as one is when we will achieve our goals and get through these hard times.”

Gauri KC has been serving in the aviation sector for more than half a decade now and is currently a cabin crew at Simrik Airlines. “I think every girl, at least once in her life has had a dream to kiss the skies and thus this journey was a challenging one to begin. Now that I have been here and am living my dream every day, I feel all the effort and hard work was worth it”, she said.

Her journey in aviation

Gauri KC, a recent graduate from Tri- Chandra College currently resides in Kausaltar, Bhaktapur. She completed her schooling from Jugal Secondary School, Dhapakhel and went on to Kathmandu Central College for her high school studies. Upon the completion of her high school in 2008, she quickly enrolled herself at Inflight International Institute for a yearlong cabin crew training program.

“I count myself lucky to not have a long struggling phase for a job so well coveted as a dream to so many girls. I left my CV after I knew about an opening in Agni Air in 2009. I knew I had what it took to achieve the dream I wanted to live day in day out. It was thus one the happiest times of my life when I found out about my appointment”, says Gauri gliding through her memorabilia. After Agni Air halted all their operations terminally, she was called upon by Simrik Airlines in 2013 and has been there ever since.

“Nepal’s aviation sector has fascinated me for a long time. Ever since I started waving goodbyes to every aircraft or helicopter that passed above my head, I dreamt of flying. As I knew more about the travelling experiences it had to offer, the opportunity to meet new cultures it gave, my determination became stronger”, she explained about her inspiration.

“I have been blessed with the most supportive parents who have been with me all along my journey and still stand by me. I consider my mom as my pillar of support and strength”, she proudly said. She added, “I am a friendly person and I tend to be so with everyone I meet. My friends too are very proud of the person I am today and motivate me to get even better.”

When asked about her first day at the job she replied,” My first flight was from Kathmandu to Biratnagar on a Jetstream-41 aircraft  with my senior. It is a common rule in airline companies that on our first day, we have to fly under the command of a senior.  I remember myself being overwhelmed by where I was and what I had achieved. Flying through the beautiful skies and above the landscape our country offered, I felt a sense of excitement running through my veins. I was a little nervous too but that nervousness didn’t last long for I realized I had finally reached where I belonged.”

She believes that a cabin crew must have a smart and friendly personality. She explained, “You should be able to offer good hospitality to all the passengers and also have the ability to tackle any unusual occurrences in the cabin. The most important part for me is to be able to handle any emergencies procedures if any events of such nature arise.” She advises new comers to realize their dreams in aviation with a brave and determined approach towards its development.

Message for aviation lovers

“The sky is unlimited, so come grab a little place in it for you and fly like a bird. The experience that awaits you is better than you can imagine and any fear you have will easily be subside.”

Nepalese Aviation industry is on the path of development and is destined to have a great future. We here in the aviation sector are determined to move on towards its upliftment. As Nepal is recovering from recent disasters, the aviation sector too is passing the same phase. A combined effort from people in and out of the aviation sector is a must now. So keep up your love for aviation and see it rise.

About Aviation Nepal team

The initiative has taken to bring all the general public close to aviation sector is praiseworthy. I feel grateful to be a part of it and wish them all the best for a bright future.

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  1. Pablo Alberto Suman Adames

    The best Flight attendant I have the pleasure to met in Nepal back in 2011, greetings from Panamá, Central America.