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Ashmita Shakya Gubhaju-Chief cabin crew in Saurya Airlines

Ashmita Shakya Gubhaju

-Chief cabin crew in Saurya Airlines-

Live for Fly, Literally worth to live as it sounds. Being there around the cloud, penetrating through and looking down the beauty of the earth, it’s worth a million feeling; you feel at the very moment. And honestly, I feel blessed and fortunate to be the one who can have this feeling every single day. It’s a feeling of a girl who always dreamed to be an airhostess; eventually and apparently she is now living her dream into reality.

Ashmita Shakya Gubhaju (Asme) who is currently working on one of the best airlines of Nepal “Saurya Airlines”; had her dream to be a cabin crew in her professional career. She says, ‘I always wanted not to lose my personal identity due to my profession and being Cabin crew was my only dream and I did pursue that dream relentlessly, no matter how much the hurdles was that I had to face to reach there’.

Her Journey to the aviation


Ashmita’s home town is Butwal. She completed her cabin crew course from “The flying Institute”, Min Bhawan in 2009. Shortly after that she stepped into the aviation industry, recruited by the Agni Air as a Cabin crew in 2009 which was the first step of her carrier in this field. Later in 2011, she joined Sita Air. Recently she has been working as a chief cabin crew for Saurya Airlines.

She is 5’6” with a buoyant Personality. Aside from having good personality she is good at heart and modest. She feels privileged and happy being involved in different social activities. She says “I always have soft corner for it”. Along with a beautiful visage she is blessed with lovely voice too and she loves signing. She is really passionate about it and wants to carry it along with her.  Watch her music video published in Youtube.

She adds on “Cabin crew job for me is nothing more than being happy. I do whatever makes me feel happy and being cabin crew provides the platform to explore various places, which makes my happiness feel alive. This job has taken me to see the brighter side of life. People have so much hardship in life and still they find reasons to be happy. Beside money, this job gives you your own identity, freedom, independence, experiences, opportunity of exploring new places. I feel like I could never ask for more than this from my life. I indulge doing my work and I love to socialize and explore with new faces those flies along us.”

Her thought to Nepal aviation

She always wishes and prays Nepal aviation to get larger day by day, not only limiting to our sky but also reaching others skies too. “Looking at the present status of Nepal aviation we can figure out that it’s being more mature and grooming every next day”, She added. I am sure someday we will surely be flying around the world. “Touch Wood. ”

9 Responses to Ashmita Shakya Gubhaju-Chief cabin crew in Saurya Airlines

  1. Anuj Joshi


  2. Divya Shrestha

    Asme shakya guvaju! It’s been 4-5 years dat I hav known her
    Der is no any doubt dt c has ta most beautiful heart of dis world!
    We r proud of u! N wil alwz b
    Good going!! My all da wishes r wid u! ❤️

  3. Beautiful girl blessed with a beautiful voice! Keep it up Asme..

  4. Azalea

    Happiness is what that matters. Its so good to see you enjoying your work !!

  5. Smart, descent, active, charming, beautiful and down to earth personality, Ashmita is one of the best Cabin Crews from Nepalese Aviation. I wish for her uninterrupted success ahead.