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Anusha Manandhar – Cabin crew from Sita Air

Anusha Manandhar

-Cabin crew from Sita Air-

“Find a job you love and you will not work for a day in your life. Flying through the clouds, gliding above the mighty hills and mountains and travelling through our beautiful country is a dream seen by many but living it day in day out gives me a sense of contentment and inspires me to get better.”

Anusha Manandhar, 23, is currently employed as a cabin crew at Sita Air. “Achieving my dream job as an air hostess has taken a lot a time, patience and determination but has left me more happy than ever for I think it’s is the perfect job for me,” reveals Anusha.

Her journey in aviation

Anusha Manandhar, a resident of Soaltee mode, Bafal is a third year undergraduate student at Everest College, Thapathali. With a willing heart and a focused mind to fulfill her dreams she joined and  completed her cabin crew training from The Flying Institute in 2010 soon after her high school graduation. It took a long wait but she finally got the chance to live her dream on 1st of March 2013 when she was hired by Sita Air. She has been greeting and serving the passengers travelling through the airline since.

She shared the credit of her success with her parents for their continuous support to her cause. She says, “My parents always supported me and my dreams and seeing them feel proud of their daughter’s accomplishment gets me motivated to be even better. It is their love and care that didn’t let me get discouraged during the long wait I had to endure to get my dream job. The only time they are a little worried is while I am on duty.”

“It was a flight from Nepalgunj to Jumla. I still remember the feeling of excitement and thrill I got during my first flight. Sailing through the clouds is when I realized, that was it, I had achieved my dream, got to where I belonged, felt I was at home. From that to now and I still can’t get enough of flying”, tells Anusha about her first flight experience.

She believes being a cabin crew of a reputed airline has a lot of responsibilities that one cannot ever forget. When asked about the things to work on to be a cabin crew member she replied, “They are the first and last impression of the airline and thus you would have to look and act smart, be well groomed and well dressed. In case of any emergency, the responsibility falls upon the cabin crew to maintain a calm environment and help the passengers. You would thus have to be attentive and confident while dealing with a passenger. Physical and mental fitness combined with good communication skills is a must for an air hostess.”

“Being a cabin crew was my dream and I really appreciate the fact that I am one. This is considered to be a highly glamorous, prestigious and also a little risky job but the experience of being one has totally been worth it. The places you can travel, the views you get to witness and the people you get to meet is an experience worth having.”



For aviation lovers

Aviation is a wonderful sector to be working in and putting all your full effort. We are in the phase of rise and it feels great to be a part of the change. There are many challenges that come in the way but if we have the needed courage and determination, we can be a part of it and a successful one at that.

 ’If you have a dream you will live it forever’. Keep up your love for Nepal’s aviation and watch it rise and shine.

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  1. Durga Kharel

    It’s awesome!! I wish I could also be an airhostess, it’s my dream……….. I had finished my basic cabin crew training from , Air Hostess training institute (AHTI) .. If you can plz help meh :) :)
    I ll be waiting for your response …