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Anjali Khanal -Cabin Crew for Air Asia X-

Anjali Khanal

-Cabin Crew for Air Asia X-

“It felt like I had grown a pair of wings to fly, like I had won over the world. A meditation-like satisfaction”, described an ecstatic Anjali about her first day as an air hostess. A strong sense of determination and an undying commitment towards her dreams has led her flying through the skies all over the world.

A sense of pride in what she has achieved and a willingness to excel at work has helped her cross international boundaries and present herself as a role model for many girls dreaming of working in the aviation industry. Anjali Khanal is a member of cabin crew for Air Asia X; a Malaysia based international airline that has been flying to Nepal since 2012.

Her journey in aviation:

Anjali is a permanent resident of Biratnagar and completed her high school there from Girls High School. She also holds a bachelors degree in sociology from Padma Kanya Campus. She was associated with Agni Air since its establishment in 2006 as an operation officer. This is where she came to know about the basics of aviation. She then took her cabin crew training from Agni Air. She had climbed the ladder of success at the company and was an instructor there until Agni Air ceased its operations in 2012. She then went to Sri Lanka to complete diploma training on airport management.

In 2013, she was recruited by Air Asia X and has been working there since. “I was confident of landing the job since I had been in a similar job for about half a decade. I was already an instructor at Agni Air and also at an air hostess training institute. I believed in what I had learned all those years and yet, I had to be careful for it was a once in a lifetime opportunity,” she answered when asked about the process of her appointment at Air Asia X.

“My parents were totally against the idea of me flying and that too professionally on a daily basis. It took time to convince them, but as they say “all is well that ends well” and now they are proud of who I have become,” she said. The dream to sail the skies and travel to places all over the world are the notes of inspiration this lady took on as a youngster. “I have already travelled to more than 16 countries and the countdown goes on,” told a delighted Anjali.

She holds quite an adventurous personality with desires to explore new cultures, learn about the history of nations and get close to their originality. Her travels have taken her close to variety of cultures, civilization, food, literature, etc. She believes in exploring the differences this world has to offer, she has come closer to the basic nature of people all around and helped her understand the world as a whole and each person as an individual. In Nepal, she has participated as a judge in different beauty pageants like Miss Airhostess, SLC Princess, etc.

She feels every member of a cabin crew has to be sincere about their work. She added,” To be a called smart cabin crew you must be a good listener, nice speaker, have situational awareness, and the ability to tackle different problems while on duty.”

Her thoughts for aviation lovers.

“Aviation is the most beautiful of sectors to be associated with. Nepal’s aviation sector is on the rise now so newcomers should come with full confidence and be ready to accept any challenges that they may face here. Let’s join our hands and make travelling through our skies a safer and more pleasant experience and propel our country’s aviation to new heights.”

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