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Aarati Khadgi – Cabin Crew at Yeti Airlines-

Aarati Khadgi

– Cabin Crew at Yeti Airlines –

“The best way to achieve all that you dreamt of is to give it your all. As difficult as it was getting this job, it is worth it living it day to day. I have been an air hostess for more than 2 years and still get the same wonderful feeling when I put on my uniform and climb up the steps unto our beautiful flying machine.”

Aarati Khadgi is currently a cabin crew at Yeti Airlines, one of the leading airline companies of the country.” It feels amazing to realize that I am living a life many girls dream of. Flying is not only my job but also my favorite interest”, she told.

Aarati Khadgi is a resident of Maitidevi, Kathmandu. She is enrolled at Dillibazaar Kanya Multiple Campus, Kathmandu for completing her BBS course. She took onto AHTI (Airhostess Training Institute), New Baneshwor to complete her air hostess training.” Getting a job as an airhostess is very difficult given the number and level of competition for limited seats. This is why I consider the day of my appointment at Yeti Airlines as the best day of my life”, she said. She started her tenure at Yeti Airlines on 2013 and has been devoted to the hospitality of her passengers ever since.

“My first flight experience was the best experience I had ever had. Flying was something I had dreamt of since a long time and getting to live it filled me with a lot of excitement and thrill. I felt I had reached a place I belonged to, doing a job I loved”, she explained.

On being asked about the qualities of a smart cabin crew she explained, “The job of a cabin crew is a very demanding and competitive job to take on. Many qualities are indispensible for being a smart cabin crew. Self confidence and intelligence are some features alongside being responsible, attentive, energetic and willing to cope with various circumstances that may arise while on duty. A cabin crew holds the responsibility to create a good favorable environment for all the passengers onboard the aircraft so you have to work hard on your communications and management skills.”

Message for aviation lovers

“Aviation industry in Nepal is a rapidly growing industry and needs the love and contribution of all aviation enthusiasts to reach greater heights. The place that aviation has reached is all due to various personals that work for its development and the people who have showered it with their love and support. Aviation sector for me is my home, my passion and it defines my happiness. This is why I have huge respect and sense of gratitude for everyone all around the globe who have continuously been with the sector through its times of thick and thin.”

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“Aviation Nepal has established itself as the most popular hub dedicated to aviation news and updates in Nepal. I also would like to thank them for creating the Air hostess section and letting the people know of our stories and hard work. Best of luck to Aviation Nepal and best wishes for their imminent bright future. I hope they continue their efforts to ameliorate the condition of the country’s aviation industry.”

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  1. Suraj

    Nice pictures Aarati but the third picture would have been great if there war Yeti Airlines Aircraft in the background instead of Buddha Air.